First Aid Squad

At a regular meeting of the Unexcelled Fire Company, held on September 13, 1943, a motion was made that a committee be formed to start a first aid course and also to take steps to have the ambulance owned by the Township turned over to the new First Aid Squad.

The squad was organized and started operation on February 1, 1949. The first captain was Alfred Atkinson. With the help of the Bradley Beach Squad, the Neptune unit took over an empty LaSalle ambulance, supplied it with the necessary equipment and first aid supplies, and proceeded to answer all calls for assistance. There were 26 members from the Unexcelled, Liberty and Hamilton Fire Companies who composed the charter membership.

The Squad operated with the old LaSalle ambulance until a new Cadillac ambulance was delivered in the latter part of June 1951 to supplement the LaSalle. The ambulances were housed in the Unexcelled Fire House.

On May 4, 1955, the Squad voted to purchase the property just east of the fire house, which included a house containing two apartments and a garage for housing the ambulances.

At a December 1955 meeting, a motion was made and seconded that a new squad be formed in the Hamilton area and that the Neptune First Aid Squad donate the LaSalle ambulance and all necessary supplies to operate a first aid squad.

On Oct. 1, 1967, the Neptune First Aid Squad added a 1967 GMC Swab Ambulance to operate with its 1958 Cadillac. The Swab replaced a 1957 GMC ambulance. On that day, the squad began operating out of its new $60,000 headquarters located at 5 Springdale Avenue. It was the first building to be located in the civic center of Neptune. The street has since been renamed Neptune Boulevard, and new buildings include the municipal complex, library, police department and senior center.

The squad has been affiliated with the New Jersey State First Aid Council, the International Rescue and First Aid Association and the Monmouth County Association of First Aid Squads since its inception. By December 31, 1966, the squad had answered 10,578 calls.

Since then, call volume has steadily increased with the growth of the township. It now averages 1,700 calls per year, with some years approaching 2,000.

The squad celebrated 50 years of service in 1999 and continues to provide service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The squad was one of the first in the MONOC defibrillation





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